Church of the Light

Archutecture by Tadao Ando

The words ‘Church of the Light’ were broken down into unrecognizable shapes based on the stencil typeface and printed on both front and back sides of the any mediums. When the printed logo is held against a light source, the words are revealed once again.

The design treatment of logo itself reflects the idea of Tadao Ando’s design approach. He creates the harmony of geometry and nature with exploration of medium. The logo design(geometry) reveals when light(nature) is combinded.

Church_of_the_Light_Logo.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Alternate_Logo.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Stationary.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Letterhead.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Business_Card.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Pressed_Cardboard_Logo.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Gold_Stamping_Logo.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Embossed_Paper_Logo.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Silver_Stamping_Logo.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Letterpress_Logo.jpg Church_of_the_Light_Spot_UV.jpg