HAY Danish Furniture

HAY was founded in 2002 and the furniture collection was launched at IMM Cologne in 2003. HAY’s ambition is to encourage Danish furniture design’s return to the innovative greatness of the 1950’s and 1960’s in a contemporary context.

Since the HAY is furniture company, I treated letters of H, A, and Y as a furniture. Since furniture is moveable and replaceable, the letters placed on diffrenet places on every other mediums.

HAY_Stationary.jpg HAY_Stationary2.jpg HAY_Stationary6.jpg HAY_Stationary8.jpg HAY_Stationary9.jpg HAY_Catalogue.jpg HAY_Catalogue6.jpg HAY_Catalogue5.jpg HAY_Catalogue4.jpg HAY_Catalogue3.jpg HAY_Catalogue2.jpg HAY_Tape.jpg HAY_Pin.jpg HAY_Stickers.jpg