“I am what I am” is a song from the Broadway musical, La Cage aux Folles (1983–1987). The selected photographs are works by the famous fashion photographer, Nick Knight.

The combination of the song’s lyrics and images reflects flamboyance, the word that exemplifies who I am as a visual designer. The treatment of text layout and image placement expresses my flamboyance.

Attribution: Photographs by Nick Knight

Flamboyant_Cover.jpg Flamboyant_Cover2.jpg Flamboyant_Back_Cover.jpg Flamboyant_Full-_Cover.jpg Flamboyant_Spread.jpg Flamboyant_Spread2.jpg Flamboyant_Spread3.jpg Flamboyant_Spread4.jpg Flamboyant_Spread5.jpg Flamboyant_Spread12.jpg Flamboyant_Spread6.jpg Flamboyant_Spread13.jpg Flamboyant_Spread14.jpg Flamboyant_Spread7.jpg Flamboyant_Spread10.jpg Flamboyant_Spread11.jpg Flamboyant_Spread15.jpg Flamboyant_Spread8.jpg Flamboyant_Spread9.jpg