One essential factor to healthy growth is understanding how a company’s approach and decisions affect all aspects of the business. As such, the ability to identify and visualize opportunities that curtail waste, reduce overhead, and boost revenue can amount to the difference between success and stagnation.

In this scroll-through infographic article concept, we examine how one or more real businesses were able to achieve stable growth as a result of implementing SAP services available in the Leonardo product while showing an animated progression of that business growth that advances incrementally as the user scrolls through the story. This concept can either feature a variety of businesses in a single article to highlight Leonardo features and benefits more broadly, or it can be expressed in a series of articles that each focus on a single business or Leonardo service.


SAP-Leonardo-NativeHub-Concept-2-01.png SAP-Leonardo-NativeHub-Concept-2-02.png SAP-Leonardo-NativeHub-Concept-2-03.png SAP-Leonardo-NativeHub-Concept-2-04.png SAP-Leonardo-NativeHub-Concept-2-05.png